World’s Most Expensive Pizza



Picture Credit – worldnewsdailyreport.com


According to the Guinness book of records – Pierchic restaurant located in Arab Emirate, Dubai, has added the world’s most expensive Pizza to their luxurious menu, which costs a whopping £131,104.50.

The pricey dish was created by Chef Abdel Muhammad Al – Hallabi, using only the finest and most expensive ingredients in the world. The list of toppings include; Italian white Alba truffles, winter black truffles from perigord, Monga saffron from Kashmir, French foie gras from Gascony, Iranian Almas and Belgua caviar soaked in Dom Perognon champagne, Japanese matsitake mushrooms and 2 ounces of edible gold leaves.

The price for the ingredients alone is estimated at more than £80,261.44.

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Picture Credit – worldnewsdailyreport.com


This unique recipe was originally created specially for the royal family of Dubai on New Year ’s Eve, but will now remain on their menu permanently for those who would like to quench their luxurious palate.

This pizza has completely surpassed and knocked Chef Gordon Ramsey’s pizza of its pedal stool from his London restaurant – The Maze.  This pizza is topped with Italian onion puree with white truffle pasta, buffalo mozzarella, fontina cheese, pancetta cep mushrooms, fresh herbs and shavings of white truffle. This is sold for £1400, which now looks like the less expensive option in comparison to chef Abdel Muhammad Al – Hallabi creation.