Top 5 Travel Health Benefits

Research has not only shown that holidays are a good way to spend time with loved ones away from the everyday pressures of life, but it also increases productivity and several health benefits. Whether, it’s a day or just a weekend away, it can help you reduce stress, high blood pressure and tension. Even just planning a holiday can relieve your mind off things that usually give you anxiety or stress you out – daydreaming about where you’re going to go and what you’re going to do when you finally get to your chosen destination, can take your mind off pressing issues that have caused your many sleeplessness nights.

Below are 5 ways travelling can help with stress and your overall health:

  • Improved sleep – Mark Rosekind (a chief scientist at Alertness Solutions) performed a study where participants went on holiday for a week to twelve days. They were monitored three days before they left for holiday and three days after they returned home. After two to three days into their holiday, their sleep improved and they slept on average one hour longer and their reaction times improved by 80%.
  • Improved heart health – According to Elaine Eaker (Co-Author of the Framingham Heart Study) women who took only one holiday once every six years or less were almost eight times more likely to develop coronary heart disease or have a heart attack as their counterparts who took at least two holidays a year. For men, those who didn’t take holiday had a 32% higher chance of dying from a heart attack than those who did take regular holidays.

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  • Fresh air and sunshine are good for our health – Fresh air increases oxygen in our blood and in turn gives us more energy. Sunshine is a mood elevator and can help people ward off depression.
  • Play and relaxation are perfect ways to decrease tension – whether you spend your time mountain climbing, sight-seeing or relaxing with a cocktail on the beach, doing the things you enjoy most will relieve stress.
  • Improved performance at work – if you’re tired it is hard to keep motivation levels high. While you may enjoy your work, you also need time off to relax and play. Travel can do that for your mind and body, it’s like recharging your mental batteries. When you return to work your performance levels will be higher than they were prior to your holiday.


In A Nutshell………

If you haven’t already booked or gone on holiday yet, it may be a good time to consider doing so. The above facts and studies have proven that travelling is not only fun but a great way to relive stress, elevate your mood and improve your health. Remember, when you’re on holiday to leave your schedules at home – sleep in late, stay up late, do the things you want to do. The whole point of a holiday is to get away from your daily schedules. Put the electronics away (laptops, phones, etc) to experience the freedom from your everyday life.