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    6 Different Types of Packers

    When it comes to packing, everyone has a different method that works for them. Some like to plan well ahead and some like to pack until the very last...

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    12 Fun Facts About Luggage, Handbags & Backpacks

    Luggage, handbags and backpacks have become an essential tool to use for carrying our items to and from our destinations. There is definitely no avoiding these tools when travelling...

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    International Luggage Transfers

    Langlais specialises in door to door luggage delivery services. They provide their clients with the opportunity to enjoy the travel as much as the destination. Their clients no longer...

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    Student Luggage Delivery Services

        It’s that time of year where you either have to move your belongings to or from school, college or university. Whether you’re studying in the UK or...

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