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    What Can We Deliver?

    Did you know that we don’t just deliver suitcases? Our expertise provide you with the opportunity to deliver almost anything, including liquids and other items that are restricted by...

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    Benefits of Booking With A Luggage Delivery Service

    Langlais provides their clients the opportunity to travel luggage free to and from their desired destinations around the UK and Internationally. Below are 5 reasons why booking our door-to-door...

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    International Luggage Transfers

    Langlais specialises in door to door luggage delivery services. They provide their clients with the opportunity to enjoy the travel as much as the destination. Their clients no longer...

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    Do You Need A PLA?

      You’re probably thinking “What is a PLA?” – PLA stands for a ‘Personal Luggage Assistant’. Now, your next question may be “What does a PLA do?” A PLA...

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