Shipping Luggage To A Destination Wedding

Shipping luggage to a destination wedding is the most convenient and reliable way to travel.

Whether you’re the bride, groom, family member, bridal party or a guest – you’ll likely be packing a lot of things with you on your trip, which can mean travelling with numerous bags. Even if you only stay for a few days, it may not be possible for you to simply just travel with a carryon case, as you’ll be packing items from casual clothes to formal clothes, to hair and makeup products. And if you are the bride, groom, part of the weeding or helping out in anyway, then the list of items you’ll be packing can go on and on.

Shipping your luggage ahead of you with Langlais provides you the opportunity to travel stress and hassle free – you can skip the check-in lines, hauling your bags to and from your destination and avoid waiting for your luggage to eventually appear at baggage claim.

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Our Benefits In a nutshell


  • Convenience and reliability

Our services provide our clients the convenience to travel luggage free. We solely specialise in shipping luggage which means we can give your belongings the time and care they may require. We have the expertise to not only monitor your luggage while in transit but to also do what is necessary to ensure a reliable and timely delivery.

  • Personalised Service

You’ll be assign to your own Personal Luggage Assistant, who will take care of everything for you. They’ll arrange for your items to be collected from your doorstep and delivered to your desired destination anywhere in the world, handle your custom forms and track your items every step of the way for a smooth and efficient delivery.

  • Shipping To a Hotel

We can ship your luggage directly to your hotel regardless of the destination, whether you are staying at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Hawaii or Geejam Hotel in Jamaica – Your bags will be waiting for you safely nestled in your room. We can also deliver to cruise ships, venues and other residences.

  • Shipping To a Cruise Ship

Cruise ship weddings are becoming more popular. Many cruise lines offer a variety of services to help you plan a shipboard or shoreside ceremony, followed by a romantic cruise honeymoon. We can ship your luggage to your cruise, so that when you arrive, your items will be waiting for you in your stateroom. We can also ship luggage back home from your cruise ship or to another honeymoon destination.

  • International Luggage Shipping

We have the expertise to deliver your luggage at an international location. Enjoy the travel as much as the destination by arriving at the airport at the last possible moment, cruising through the terminals without any hassle or lugging, and knowing that your luggage is waiting for you at your desired destination.


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