The Pain Points of Travelling and How To Minimise Them

Travelling to different parts of the world can be amazing with loads of experiences to store in your memory bank. However, travelling is not always glamorous as there are certain pains like flight delays, lost hotel reservations and misplaced luggage, which can quickly turn your holiday buzz into a stressful fuzz.

While all travelling pain points can’t simply be magically eliminated, being aware and preparing for potential issues can help you to take action with ease, ensuring your trip goes as smoothly as possible.


Flight Delays

Arriving to the airport 2 hours before check-in only to find out that your flight is delayed, can be extremely frustrating. But to be fair, not all flight delays are due to the airlines negligence, as delays are especially unavoidable when it comes to bad weather.

However, to avoid unnecessary flight delays, compare different airlines on time records before booking your flight and when travelling on long-haul journeys, try taking the fewest number of flights (stop offs) as possible to reach your destination.


Lost Luggage

Approximately 7 out of 1000 of luggage are mishandled by airline staff (according to our research for our post – 12 Fun Facts About Luggage, Handbags & Backpacks), leaving travellers not only stressed out on where their belongings have gone or whether they’ll ever get them back again, but also leaving them wearing the same clothes for days that they travelled in.

7 out of 1000 is very low amount, especially when considering how many suitcases airlines transport on a daily basis. However, if you happen to be one of the unlucky 7, your vacation will quickly feel like it’s turned into the holiday from hell.

Below are two great packing tips that could help avoid your luggage being permanently lost:

  • Label your bags inside and out with your name, destination address, email address and mobile number. In the unfortunate case the airline who you are flying with loses your luggage, at least they have all of your contact details.
  • Customise your bags (particularly black ones) with colourful straps and luggage tags to help them stand out on the carousel (baggage claim).

Alternatively, having your luggage sent ahead of you helps to eliminate this scenario. You not only don’t have to worry about carrying your luggage, queuing at the check-in desk, or waiting at baggage claim to collect your luggage, but you can relax with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your luggage will be waiting for you when you arrive at your destination.


Jet lag

It’s not nice feeling like you’ve missed the first couple of days of your holiday sleeping due to jet lag. A good way to beat the big differences in time zones, is to book flights at night so you can try and get as much sleep and rest while in the air. Also, remember to avoid alcohol, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sunshine when you arrive at your destination.


Lost hotel reservations

I think it’s safe to say that no one enjoys arriving to a hotel, only to find out that your reservation has either been lost or double-booked. Sometimes though, on the odd occasion you may be upgraded a room due to the inconvenience, but the key word is ‘sometimes’.

A good way to minimise this risk, is to call the hotel a few weeks before your arrival, check-in early, have a list of a few back up hotels just in case or try staying at the same hotel when visiting a city you go to frequently, hotels are less likely to turn away guests whom they are familiar with.


Carrying heavy luggage

Allot of us are guilty of packing way too much clothes and accessories then we actually need. While having an outfit for different occasions is great, lugging them to and from your destinations is definitely not as fun.

With Langlais services you don’t have to think about carrying your heavy luggage or airline weight and quantity restrictions. Langlais will assign you your own luggage delivery specialist who will arrange to collect your items from your doorstep and have your bags waiting for you in your hotel room or cruise cabin.


Language barriers

Language differences can make communication difficult. Not doing research on the culture for the destination you have chosen, can easily make you appear unfriendly or even disrespectful. It’s very important to learn at least a few words and phrases of the native language spoken where you’ll be visiting and also their culture, as this can go a long way towards creating a bond between you and the people who live there.


Sold out attractions

Another disappointing aspect of travel is arriving at your destination only to find out that the restaurant, museum show or theatre performance that you’ve had your heart set on seeing is sold out. Fortunately, tickets and reservations for most attractions can be booked in advance online. Cruise lines offer their most popular shore excursions to passengers up to six months in advance.


Customs and security

It’s nice to buy gifts, souvenirs and other certain items abroad that you may not be able to get back home, but it can sometimes be a frustrating experience getting them through security and customs.

It’s a good idea to research the prohibition rules for the destination you’re travelling to as well as your home airports – Don’t just assume that they are the same as they were when you last travelled; these rules change frequently.

A convenient and efficient way to bring back items like Vases, wine, pictures; with ease, is to arrange them to be delivered back home for you. Langlais expertise provide you with the opportunity to deliver almost anything, including liquids and other items that are restricted by most airline carry on policies.