Luxury Family Holiday Tips

Travelling with the family can be a great challenge at times. Although there are some situations that parents just cannot control and will have to address if and when the situation arises, that doesn’t mean to say there aren’t ways to help alleviate some of that stress. Holidays with your family should be about spending quality time without the day-to-day pressures you usually face when at home, and also building priceless memories together.

Below are 6 tips on how to make your family holiday more luxurious, stress and hassle free:


Rent a villa

Renting a villa/house or an apartment, gives you that home away from home feeling. Rather than being confined to a limited amount of rooms, everyone can enjoy separate bedrooms, numerous bathrooms, private swimming pool and a kitchen. Having separate rooms to disappear to when tensions run high can be a great stress reliever. Depending on which company you book with, you can even show up with your fridge already packed with all your families faves and dietary requirements and/or have a hired chef to cook you dinner.

Booking with companies like Unique Home Stays will have an array of luxurious home accommodations to suite your travel needs.


Stay at a luxury family resort

Staying at a resort provides many parents a peace of mind when it comes to security. Some parents just don’t feel comfortable staying at a villa in a country that they either haven’t been before or are not too familiar with.

Family resorts not only provide a sense of security but also host a bunch of fun filled activities for kids of all ages and parents. Kids are able to socialise with other kids and mums and dads are able to get a well-earned break from time to time.

Company’s like Elegant Resorts are experts in tailor-making family holiday experiences, for those who know and enjoy the finer things in life.


Deliver your luggage ahead of you

Travelling with several luggage items to and from your holiday is very stressful, it requires allot of arm-work and it’s very inconvenient. Having to check-in all your families luggage, getting through security, then only having to wait for your suitcases to appear randomly one-by-one on the conveyor belt (baggage claim) is a very gruelling task, even more so when travelling with kids.

When you deliver your luggage ahead of you with Langlais, our Luggage Delivery Specialists arrange to collect your luggage items from your home and deliver them to any desired location in the world, so you can travel stress and hassle free.

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Book with a concierge company

There are many benefits of a concierge service. It’s definitely not for everyone, but is aimed at people who would like every aspect of their lives that they don’t have the time, inclination or expertise to do themselves so that they can maximise their free time.

Companies like Bon Vivant will arrange your holidays, recommend and book restaurants and bars all over the world, source tickets for the theatre, concerts and VIP events, and advise on a range of lifestyle services.

They can also help with your everyday tasks and errands to help life run more smoothly. So you can just imagine how convenient and stress free it would be using their services to organise a luxury family holiday!


Book with a travel company

As technology advances, booking your own flight and hotel directly is getting increasingly easier as time goes on. However, booking with travel agents can save you allot of time, browsing and sometimes even money. Their also able to give you a more personalised service than what you might get when booking with hotels and flight companies directly.

Many travel agents also specialise in a particular type of holiday, such as cruises, Disney World, etc. And are able to make recommendations and help you plan trips, activities and events.

Travel agents also have resources to advantages that you probably wouldn’t have access to due to their high volume of trips. Their often able to add perks to your holiday plan like a room upgrade, a fee waiver or even reservations at a fancy resort or a popular tour.


Car transfer services

Car transfer services are not only convenient to and from airports, but also can be a great and to some, an essential service to use throughout their holiday. Some people do not enjoy renting cars as it can be quite stressful on getting to grips of the structure of junctions, on which side of the road you’re meant to be on, and just generally driving in a different country with different road laws and procedures (or lack of).



Do you have any tips on how to travel stress and hassle free with your family? Please share in the comments below