Luggage Delivery Specialists

Our luggage delivery services provide our clients with the luxury to enjoy their travel as much as the destination. All our clients are assigned to their own dedicated personal luggage assistant (PLA), who will arrange to collect your luggage from your chosen location and deliver them to anywhere in the world. Carrying your luggage to and from your destination, can now be a thing of the past. You can enjoy the convenience of arriving at the airport at the last possible moment, without having the hassle of checking-in your luggage or waiting at the carousel (baggage claim) to collect your suitcases. You’ll be able to cruise around the airport efficiently, quickly and in style, knowing that your luggage is waiting for you at your desired location.

Our expertise also provide you with the opportunity to deliver almost anything, including liquids and other items that are restricted by most airline carry on policies. We’ve delivered suitcases, boxes, trunks, ski’s, golf bags, bikes, surfboards, snowboards, duffel bags, transported family pets – and that’s just to name a few!


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