Like to shop on your vacation? See how to get your shopping items delivered ahead of you

If you like to shop whilst on vacation, then you may be able to relate on how much of a great buzz it is to find unique items that you may not be able to get back home. If so, then I’m sure you’ll also be able to relate on how much of a hassle it is to travel back with these items!

Travelling with your luggage to and from your destination can already be stressful enough, without having the additional problem of bringing back extra bags. What would you do if you bought a painting or vase you wanted to bring back home but can’t physically travel with it because it needs to be transported with care? What if you wanted to bring back a few bottles of wine you had the pleasure to taste whilst in Spain, or perfume bottles you purchased for a great price but can’t pack in your suitcase for fear of spillage or your customs at home just simply do not allow you to bring back certain liquids?

Our expertise provide you with the opportunity to deliver almost anything, including liquids and other items that are restricted by most airline carry on policies.

Langlais will assign you your own personal luggage assistant (PLA) who will arrange to collect your shopping items from your hotel (cruise, holiday home, etc) and deliver them whether it be back home or onto another location for you. Your PLA will track your items every step of the way and handle your complex custom forms, as well as any custom and/or security issues, to provide you with the peace of mind, knowing that we’ll take care of monitoring your shipment for a smooth and efficient delivery.

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