Do You Need A PLA?


You’re probably thinking “What is a PLA?” – PLA stands for a ‘Personal Luggage Assistant’.

Now, your next question may beWhat does a PLA do?

A PLA is basically a PA for your luggage – as simple as that!

Langlais provide their clients with their own dedicated PLA. They’ll arrange to collect your luggage from your doorstep and deliver them anywhere in the world. Additionally, they’ll also handle complex custom forms, clear security and custom issues, as well as tracking your luggage every step of the way.


Now that you’re aware of what ‘PLA’ stands for and what they actually do, you may now be pondering “Do I need a PLA?”

If so……….

1) Are you tired of queuing at the check-in desks, waiting at the baggage carousel (luggage carousel) and carrying your own heavy luggage?

2) Do you ship directly with couriers and find completing complex custom forms daunting and/or tedious?

3) Or do you simply enjoy the luxury lifestyle of having someone else handle these tasks for you?

Answering yes to one, two or even all three of these questions, may have you thinking that you wished you got yourself a PLA sooner.


frame9I think it’s safe to say, we’ve all experienced feeling frustrated at some point of waiting at the checkin desk and lingering at the dreaded luggage carousel for our bags to eventually appear.

No matter what airline you book with or what seat you have upgraded to, the same process will apply to you (unless you fly via a private jet).

The volume of customers that airports have each day, is virtually impossible for them to provide you or your personal belongings with the time and care that you may require.

It can also be a hassle dealing with airlines ever-changing baggage allowance – If our baggage exceeds their weight restrictions, were slapped with heavy ‘overweight’ fines.

Imagine going to the airport avoiding all this hassle – Can you think of a better way to start your holiday/trip?

What can we deliver?

Suitcases / Boxes / Trunks / Ski’s / Golf Bags / Bikes / Surfboards / Snowboards / Duffel Bags / Pets & much more

Langlais PLA – In A Nutshell

Whether you are travelling for a personal trip (vacation, shopping spree, etc), business trip, a student studying away from home, going on a golf or skiing trip, or travelling via cruise or Eurostar – Langlais will ensure your door to door luggage needs are met and provide you with a stress free, no hassle trip.