Can You Backpack In Style?

Lugging a backpack from one destination to the next, packing the bare necessities with a minimal amount of outfits and accessories, can be a major put off for some travellers. Even though you won’t be travelling with your bag 24/7, the mere thought of lumbering it around and having a weeks’ worth of clothes to survive on during your travels may leave you thinking whether backpacking is for you.

Now, this post is not for everyone – there are many types of travellers and various types of backpackers. Depending on what type of traveller you are, the destinations you are travelling to and activities and adventures you may explore, will decipher whether backpacking in style is for you. Below are three different ways to backpack in style:


Capsule Wardrobe Backpacker

Scrap money belts, combat trousers and hiking boots – this type of traveller, likes to travel light but not at the expense of their wardrobe. Within their fancy backpack they’ll be essential fashion items, accessories and gadgets.

The ‘Capsule Wardrobe Backpacker’ packs smart and cautiously by multi-tasking their outfits, ensuring they get the best looks out of their items. They’ll have flat durable leather sandals, a pair of comfy trainers, jeans (not tight ones), sunglasses, a playsuit or jumpsuit to hike in, and swimwear that is easy to manoeuvre and can be worn under a top with shorts. Their outfits can go from a beach day look to evening attire, by just changing or adding an accessory.

You may be thinking, “isn’t this just going to be slightly heavy on your back?” – No, not if you travel with the heavy items on you (like jeans, trainers, a coat, etc).


A Suitcase-packer, basically travels with a suitcase. They couldn’t even imagine travelling any other way. This type of traveller will have toiletries, an outfit for nearly every occasion, various types of shoes/trainers/sandals, gadgets and whatever they feel like is a necessity to pack.

They enjoy the luxury of having options and will definitely find a way of getting where they need to be with their suitcase – come hell or high water!

Even though this type of traveller likes to travel with a suitcase, they still enjoy taking part in adventures, activities and really getting out to experience different cultures.


This is a new type of backpacking. It’s generally where you travel more expensively and with higher living standards. They travel with the latest stuff, don’t save up for the trip, and tend to spend money on partying and staying in nicer places. Another way to describe flashpackers would be to say ‘They Backpack In Style’. They prefer to go to the main guidebook destinations, do the main attractions, see what everyone else tells them to see – and they view backpacking more as an extending party than anything else.