6 Things To Do During A Rainy London Weekend

A well-known fact about English weather, is that it can be very tricky and not reliable at all. Even when the day starts with the sun shining, it can totally be possible that within a couple of hours a storm arrives. But this for sure can’t be an excuse for not enjoying a weekend escape or an adventurous free day out! Especially in a city like London, it doesn’t really matter if it’s sunny or raining, there are plenty of activities and things to see!

Here are a few ideas to fill your not-so-nice-weather weekend or day in this amazing city:


1 | Visit one (or more) of the plenty COVERED MARKETS

London is full of markets located in different areas with various themes, and luckily most of them have covered parts as well.

The most famous is Covent Garden, a quite refined market due to the shops and the handmade items which are present inside. Though, despite this, Covent Garden is also a place to spend a cosy afternoon drinking tea. At the ground floor of the main building, you’ll find many tea shops or wine tasting places where if you decide to stay there, you’ll definitely have that “Oh yes, I’m in London” feeling.

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Right in front of Covent Garden there’s another indoor market, the Jubilee Market, where you can find a variety of stalls, from art and crafts to bags, clothes, jewellery and even some food stands.

Moving to another area in the city, hidden by all the majestic skyscrapers that characterise that area, there’s the elegant and old-styled Leadenhall Market – which will look familiar to the Harry Potter fans since some of the movie scenes were shot there.

If you’re looking for something less fancy, the Old Spitalfields Market will definitely please you. Located in Shoreditch area, this market offers items for any kind of personal preference from vintage to handmade, new to second hand.


2 | Lose track of time while going VINTAGE SHOPPING

Talking about Shoreditch area, not far from the Old Spitalfields Market, you’ll find Brick Lane, one of the most famous streets for going vintage shopping. You’ll find yourself losing track of time while passing from one shop to another, and looking at what they offer inside.

Photo Credit – Lisa Tiranti

But if Shoreditch area is too far from where you are, Camden is also a great spot where you’ll also be able to satisfy your vintage addiction, by immersing yourself in that Camden Town setting and discovering all the cool shops that they have to offer.


3 | Embrace the English AFTERNOON TEA culture

Afternoon tea, or high tea, is definitely a must-do when visiting England and in London. There are a variety of places where you can tick this off your list. Take your pick from high-end places to more chilled and relaxed tea rooms.

Some of the most famous areas to enjoy an original afternoon tea are: Chelsea and Kensington if you want to experience a chic and exclusive high tea, while for a more relaxed atmosphere, in Soho you will find plenty of options. Once you decide where to go, it is usually suggested to book a table to avoid disappointment or waiting around for hours.


4 | Feel artsy or cultural while wandering around one of the many MUSEUMS

There are so many London Museums, you can probably pick up any guide that lists them all. But even if you stick to the most known ones you won’t be disappointed. The National Gallery, is a classic and holds the greatest collections of paintings in the world, so you can’t miss it. Another classic but with different style and historic ages, is the British Museum. Not only is the museum interesting but the structure itself will leave you speechless.

Photo Credit – Lisa Tiranti

A different museum, about decorative arts and a bit less touristy, is the Victoria & Albert Museum, which again not only is worth visiting for its expositions but also for the building itself and famous hall chandelier that will welcome you at the entrance.

Photo Credit – Lisa Tiranti

If you’re more into modern art though, the Tate Modern will be just the thing for you. Spacious, well-organised and intriguing – this museum will definitely leave you a different feeling from the others. Plus, when you reach the end of the exhibitions, at the top of the building, you will be astonished by the amazing view of London visible from there.

For the more technological and scientific people, the Science Museum will fit you perfectly due to its intriguing and captivating attractions, I’m sure you’ll leave there learning something new.


5 | Discover the artistic UNDERGROUND life

London is an amazing city to visit with many tours and attractions to see, but did you know that one of the many tours available is…the underground?

By following the path on the booklet (which you can find in any tube station) created for this special tour, you will discover the most beautiful tube stations where there are special decorations, drawings and paintings made by famous artists.

Photo Credit – Lisa Tiranti

6 | Experience the real LONDON SHOPPING LIFE

As mentioned earlier, going vintage shopping in London is definitely a thing, but if you want to experience the real London shopping life then Regent Street and Oxford Street will fulfil your shopping addiction! From big brands to smaller chains, these two streets in the heart of London will make you lose your mind due to the array of shops you can find there! But, if you want to peek into an haute couture store and be surrounded by luxurious shiny items then Harrods, located in Knightsbridge, will be just the thing for you. The amazingness of Harrods building and the never-ending departments inside the store, will make you want to wander around the whole day!

Photo Credit -Lisa Tiranti

So as you can see, despite the tricky English weather, London is too full of amazing experiences to live to not go out when it’s raining, all you need to enjoy is a hat, an umbrella and your oyster card!


This is a guest post writen by Lisa Tiranti | www.fromdreamtoplan.net

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