6 Different Types of Packers

When it comes to packing, everyone has a different method that works for them. Some like to plan well ahead and some like to pack until the very last minute but still ensure they have all their essentials for the destination they’re travelling to. Below we have named and listed the different types of packers we believe are out there in the world. I personally fall into the OCD packer, all of the other options just give me anxiety even thing about it. Find out what type of packer you are, you may fall into one of these categories or a combination of some of them:


1. Last minite.com packer

This type of packer is usually the type of person where they leave everything in life to the last minute, this is just how they like to operate and enjoy working under tight deadlines. They’ll order items they need for holiday the week of their departure, and usually pack either the night before or the day of, with a few hours to spare of catching their flight.


2. Throw everything in packer

This type of packer is exactly what it says on the tin – they literally throw, cram and roll everything in their suitcase. The inside of their suitcase will look as if a Hurricane has had a party in it!

For this reason, while on holiday they’ll more than likely have to iron their clothes every day before they can even step outside as the clothes will be creased depending on the material.


3. OCD packer

The OCD packer is highly organised. They’ll have a list of items they need to pack and a separate list for items they need to buy for the holiday. They use a combination of rolling, folding, bundling, and/or using space bags when packing, to make sure everything is neat and tidy, and all of the space within the suitcases are used wisely. They also usually start packing well ahead of time and add items as they go along until the day of their departure.

Additionally, they’ll also pack things that will keep them occupied during boring moments, pack comfortable neck cushions and blankets for the plane journey as well as making sure they have a few spares of clothing, for that just in case moment.

The other types of packers may like to travel with this type of packer as they know if they’ve either forgotten or require something, there is no doubt the OCD packer will have what they need.


4. Simple packer

The simple packer will travel with the bare essentials, as if they were a backpacker travelling around the world. All they require is a few tops, shorts, sandals and sunglasses and then they’re pretty much good to go. There are usually very low maintenance type of people and don’t mind having to repeat outfits a few times during their holiday.


5. Just in case packer

The Just in case packer is the complete opposite of the last minite.com and simple packer. They like to make sure they are fully prepared for everything for that just in case moment. For example: “I’m going to Barbados in August (when it will be scorching hot) but just in case it rains I’ll pack an umbrella and raincoat.” and/or “I’ve already packed 12 outfits for 10 nights, but I like to have options and what if I don’t feel like wearing all the outfits I’ve packed. I’ll pack another 3 outfits just to be on the safe side.”

This type of packer will usually either just scrape the luggage weight restrictions or have to pay a fine for being over.

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6. Easy Breezy Packer

The Easy Breezy packer is so calm and collected when it comes to travelling, do you want to know why? Because they never have to pack their own suitcase. They’ll simply select the items they want to bring and someone else will pack their suitcase for them. This ‘someone else’ will usually either be a family member, partner, hotel or house staff.



What type of packer are you? Please share in the comments below