5 Reasons Why You Should Deliver Your Luggage Ahead of You

There are many benefits on why you should ship your luggage ahead of you besides not having to worry about weight and baggage allowance restrictions. Below we have listed 5 reasons why you may want to consider shipping your luggage ahead of you on your next trip:

  • Convenience

No more queuing at the check-in desk, waiting at baggage claim or dragging your luggage to and from your destination – just travel to the airport as if you just stepped out of your front door.

  • Personal Experience

Your assigned Luggage delivery specialist will track your items every step of the way and handle any custom or security issues. This is to provide you with the peace of mind, knowing that we’ll take care of monitoring your shipment for a smooth and efficient delivery.

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  • Save Time

Enjoy the convenience of arriving at the airport at the last possible moment, cruising through the terminals without any hassle or lugging, and knowing that your luggage is waiting for you at your desired destination.

  • Bring back your favourite wines and perfumes

Our expertise provide you with the opportunity to deliver almost anything, including liquids and other items that are restricted by most airline carry on policies. You no longer have to leave your favourite wines or perfumes abroad as we’ll arrange to deliver them back home for you.

  • Ship your shopping Items back home

Shopping abroad can be great fun and very therapeutic (depending on whether that’s your thing or not) but hauling the bags back to your hotel only to dread the thought of travelling back home with them, can be a serious buzz kill. Our Luggage Delivery specialists can arrange to collect your shopping items from your hotel (resort, villa, cruise, etc) and deliver them to your desired destination for you.


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