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Luggage Delivery Specialists

Why travel with your luggage when you can travel luggage free? Travelling luggage free around the world has never been so easy. Enjoy the convenience of arriving at the airport at the last possible moment, cruising through the terminals without any hassle or lugging, and knowing that your luggage is waiting for you at your desired destination.

What Can We Deliver?

Our expertise provide you with the opportunity to deliver almost anything, including liquids and other items that are restricted by most airline carry on policies. We’ve delivered suitcases, wine, boxes, trunks, ski’s, golf bags, bikes, surfboards, snowboards, duffel bags, transported family pets – and that’s just to name a few!

Storage Solutions

We provide storage solutions for homes, businesses, students and for those who just need to store a few boxes for a period of time. We’ll collect the items you would like to store from your chosen destination and deliver them to one of our storage facilities within the UK.

How It Works

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  • Collections
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  • Storage Solutions

Complete our ‘Get Quotation’ form or send us an email at ‘’, we’ll then get back to you with a quote usually within a 3 hour turnaround time.

For Luggage Delivery quotes please advise collection and delivery address, the speed of service you require (Economy, Express or Priority) and the items you would like to send. For Storage Solutions please advise the items you would like to store, room size you may require, move-in date and anticipated length of stay.

Once you’ve given us the go ahead to process the booking, you’ll then be assigned to your own personal luggage assistant (PLA), who will arrange to collect your luggage from your doorstep via FedEx, DHL or any other courier selected for your shipment. Once your luggage has been collected your PLA will track your items every step of the way and handle your complex custom forms, as well as any custom and/or security issues, to provide you with the peace of mind, knowing that we’ll take care of monitoring your shipment for a smooth and efficient delivery.

Your luggage will be delivered safely to your chosen destination anywhere in the world on or before requested dates.

We provide storage solutions for homes, businesses and students. Storage rooms range from 9 sq ft (rough size of a locker/walk in wardrobe) to 400 sq ft. Larger warehouse space and industrial units are also available to rent.

You can rest assure that the security of our storage spaces, and our clients’ possessions are our upmost priority. If you require further information, or you would like to receive a quote either complete the ‘Get Quotation’ form, give us a call on 020 3289 5074 or alternatively email us