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    Delivering Luggage VS Checking-in Luggage

    Delivering luggage ahead of you with Langlais is convenient, reliable and secure. You don’t have to worry about weight and baggage allowance restrictions, queuing at the check-in desk, waiting...

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    The Pain Points of Travelling and How To Minimise Them

    Travelling to different parts of the world can be amazing with loads of experiences to store in your memory bank. However, travelling is not always glamorous as there are...

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    Luggage Delivery Specialists

    Our luggage delivery services provide our clients with the luxury to enjoy their travel as much as the destination. All our clients are assigned to their own dedicated personal...

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    International Luggage Transfers

    Langlais specialises in door to door luggage delivery services. They provide their clients with the opportunity to enjoy the travel as much as the destination. Their clients no longer...

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    Do You Need A PLA?

      You’re probably thinking “What is a PLA?” – PLA stands for a ‘Personal Luggage Assistant’. Now, your next question may be “What does a PLA do?” A PLA...

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    Student Luggage Delivery Services

        It’s that time of year where you either have to move your belongings to or from school, college or university. Whether you’re studying in the UK or...

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